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Wenzhou Xinde Electric Power Fittings Co.,Ltd.


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We,WENZHOU XINDE ELECTRIC POWER FITTINGS CO.,LTD are the largest power fittings manufacturer and supplier in China 

professionally in producing the Electric power fittings for our National Grid projects and cooperating with related 

National power construction projects including many exporting projects ,our products mainly are the grade 4.6-

10.9 M12-M100 hot-dipped galvanized bolts, anti-theft Nuts, washers ,anchors etc electric fasteners 

products, high vertical space anti-fallen devices, intelligent high voltage filter waves electric resistors,neutral 

ground-based electric resistor cabinet etc. with our excellent quality and steady production capacity supplying, now 

we are covering the biggest market rate in China and enjoying a very good selling market in abroad like Australia, Brazil 

,Canada, Spain, Southeastern Asian countries, African countries etc. we have our owned two production factories 

covering areas more than 118,000 Square meters (one production fty locate in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, and another 

bigger production fty locate in Handan, Hebei province)including 1152 qualified well training staffs,professional 

technical researching engineers, and strategic enterprise leader management .We took part in many national important 

projects and offer to our customers excellent quality products, take for examples as below (only small parts of our 

achievements FYI)

State Grid 1000KV Southeast Shanxi-Nanyang-Jingmen project 

State Grid 1000KV Electrical power transmission from Anhui-Huainang-Shanghai±

State Grid 1000KV Southeast Shanxi-Nangyang-Jingmen project

Southern Grid±800KV Yunnan-Guangdong DC transmission line

State-Grid±800KV Xiangjiaba-Shanghai DC transmission project

State Grid±800KV Jinpin-South Suzhou DC project

State Grid 750KV Lanzhou East-Baiyin

Xinjiang Power Corp 750KV Urumqi-Turpan-Hami transmission line

Xinjiang Power Corp 750KV Turpan-bayinggolin project

State Grid±660KV Ningdong-Shangdong DC transmission project

Company Information

  • Company Name: Wenzhou Xinde Electric Power Fittings Co.,Ltd.
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • My Core Product Categories: Cap screws & Hex bolts; U bolts, V bolts, L bolts; Hexagon nuts; Flat washers DIN SAE USS; Foundation bolt; 
  • Core Products Description: Cap screws & Hex bolts; U bolts, V bolts, L bolts; Hexagon nuts; Flat washers DIN SAE USS; Foundation bolt;  etc.
  • Standard list: DIN 7990; DIN7989-2; DIN7989-1; DIN 7981; DIN 7967; DIN 976-2; DIN 976-1; DIN 933; DIN 934; DIN 931-2; DIN 931-1; DIN 267-30; 127; DIN EN ISO 4014; DIN EN ISO 4032; DIN 601; 
  • Year Established: 2003
  • Annual Sales Volume: Upwards of USD 50,000,000
  • Current Export Markets: North America; South America; Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Eastern Asia; Southeast Asia; Mid East; Africa; Oceania; Worldwide; 
  • Export Percentage:20

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  • Trust worthiness and reputation
  • Having strong export team
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